About Us

The Sikh 100 profiles some of the most influential people of Sikh heritage from around the world and crosses all sectors including business, education, profession, media, entertainment, sport and charity.

Since its inception in 2006, The Sikh Group, with its wide influential network has become one of the most respected and powerful community worldwide organisations. Due to its deep and unrivalled insight into the highly regarded work of Sikhs throughout the world, The Sikh Group is proud to present The Sikh 100.

As part of the evolution of the organization, The Sikh 100 profiles a host of inspirational men and women as well MPs, Lords, Spiritual Leaders and Knights of the realm. These individuals, whilst enjoying success in their own fields, continue to contribute significantly in raising the profile and impact of the global Sikh community.

One of the aims of The Sikh 100 is to share these real stories of inspiration so that all generations are encouraged to aim high, be passionate and excel in all aspects of their lives.

Prime Minister David Cameron
presented with the first edition in 2012